Hotmail Login Problem And Support Number

Across the past years, Hotmail services have acquired an important place in our life. Our daily activities have got highly influenced by it. In today’s world there are various brands of email services available among them Hotmail is most preferred one. As we know that in absence of email services the communication process may come to halt so in case of any problem it has to be solved instantly for continuing the usage. Hotmail login problem is one of the common problems, that most of the user faces while accessing the account. Whenever you are prevented from login, then the first thing you must do is analyze all possible cause of the problem. You can certainly avail help of the support team for the same.

Hotmail login problem

Common causes of the problem

There are various factors that may have prevented you from login. Few of them are you may have closed the account; the account has been blocked due to any reason or the account has been blocked as you tried multiple times to login. When there is any of these reasons you will surely face Hotmail login problem. For undergoing the causes and then solving it the service of the support team must be availed. You must always check the internet connection and browser settings when you have problem in the login process. Here are some of the possible causes of the problem:

  • Hacked account: While accessing your account you may find that there are some suspicious activities like some of your emails may be missing. This indicates that you are suffering from the situation of hacked and due to which you are unable to login in the account.


The best way of getting out such a situation is changing the password of the account. It is assumed that as soon as password is changed the hacker will lose access of the account and your account can be saved from their hands. You will be out that situation but resetting the password is not enough you will have to take help of the support team who would help you with the steps of recovering the account. You can avail the help by dialing Hotmail customer service number.

  • Password: Wherever you find that you have forgotten the password, or you find that you are unable to get into the account then that means that you are having Hotmail login problem. Usually the basic cause of this problem is that you may have problem in loading the login page of the account due to wrong password.

This issue could be resolved very easily by the help of a wise technical support team who will help you to recover the password. It is always advisable that you remember the password and username of your account otherwise you have to face such a situation. You must also check the internet connection because sometimes Hotmail login problem is caused due to poor internet connection or the browser you are using might not support Hotmail.

Along with that you must always set the password in combination of alphabets, numeric values and special character as it is tough to hack such password.

  • Blocked account: There may be a situation when account is blocked due to you are suffering from login problem. There are mainly two causes due to which your account is blocked that is either you have left the account inactive for years and later when you try to access it you are unable to do so or you try to login by using wrong credential multiple times then the account gets blocked automatically. The assistance the support team could be taken for resolving this problem by dialing Hotmail customer support number.

For resolving the problem of blocked account, you will have to make sure that the account is not kept attended for a long period of time. In case it is found that you have forgotten the details then stop trying again and again. For further help you can dial support number.

Thus, these are some of the possible causes of Hotmail login problem. If you find that your problem is not related to any of the listed causes then convey about the same to the expert team who will find out the most appropriate cause and solution.